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5 Creators At APE You May Have Missed

You were bound to have missed some cool stuff at this year’s Alternative Press Expo, but fear not, here’s a list of some of the raddest creators that may have flown under your radar.

A B & The Sea

Retro pop-rock marauders A B & The Sea are a fresh continuation in that long legacy of creatives minds called to the Golden State.

Crash Course

Hit the road and head for cover.

Al Burian Goes To Hell

Its not every day you read a comic with the phrase “F**k you Virgil! I read your book and it sucks.”

Wolves, Where? | The Camel The Lion The Child

Louisiana rockers responsible for cured hangovers and lost underpants.


An intricate unison of folksy melody and warmth.

Nine Gallons #2

Food politics, urban blight, and the new trendy eco pseudo-revolution in San Francisco are the main highlights in this mini comic.

Sundowner | We Chase The Waves

A weakened four-chord songwriter’s attempt, Sundowner takes a swing at folk.

BFF: Brainfag Forever

Don’t ask me what’s up with the title, I still haven’t figured it out…

Dirty Tactics | It Is What It Is

Enjoy their reckless youth—you can tell they are.

Asspiss | Fuck Off and Die

“Trailercore” punk band fails to leave their stain…er…mark on this listener.

Darlene Rock-N-Roll Fanzine #4

A spunky lil’ zine with enough party hardy attitude to last a week full of all-nighters.

Thralls | Nemesis

Get sucked into a dark and dreamy hole of sonic thrashings. Thralls rockets into a super nova of sound.

Welcome To Bend

There’s a lot more to Oregon than just Portland.

Missing the Train

The problem with BART.

The Flatliners | Cavalcade

The group reveals much more depth than one would typically attribute to a punk band, as the years of refinement and development have paid off for these guys.

The Secretions

“We rented a Ford 15-passenger van with a much higher rollover risk to make the tour more exciting.”

As I Would Say

It’s like an acid trip you can read.

Superfinos VTO | The Tinman´s Last Request

These three dudes know how to lay down the kind of goods stoners, hessians, and burnouts alike can hangout and headbang to.

I’ll Think Of You When Pop Songs Come On The Radio

Miss Potter is a frustrated pro-choice Christian-raised graduate student with a misconceived Impostor Complex.

Ashcan Magazine Issue #3

Just in time summer, Ashcan Magazine’s latest print edition has hit stands!

Artist Profile: Emily Ibarra

“Photography is like any art. There are many paths to take, but there is no formula, or ‘right’ way to do it.”