Ashcan Magazine Issue #2

Ashcan Magazine is back with a brand new format, bigger and better than ever.

In this issue we profile Bay Area by-way-of Chicago painter Michael Frank, take a look at some new work by local multi-media artist Chance, and snap a few shots of some of our favorite pieces of SF street art.

Oakland indie rock quartet Make Me chats about their latest EP release House of Brakes, and modern day pop-punk icon Kepi Ghoulie swings by in all his spooky greatness. We even get a chance to talk with Phoenix folk duo Andrew Jackson Jihad as their touring shenanigans takes them to our own backyard.

Half a dozen countries and a continent away, staff writer Justin Allen gives us the downlow on the seedy underbelly of Iquitos, Peru. Motorcycle-taxi collisions, home grown hallucinogenics, and alcohol fueled cockney con men are all in a summer’s getaway in Swimming with Pirhana.

And as if that wasn’t enough to stuff your gullet, this issue features two brand new short stories exclusive to this print edition, never reproduced anywhere else. One follows a 70’s sexual tryst with gone horribly awry, a tale of sex, drugs, and the Zodiac killer; the other a story of young love unhinged, a burning desire that does more that engulf—it literally infects.

Rounded out with enough comics, reviews, and underground goodness than a crust kid would know what to do with, this issue is one you won’t want to miss.

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