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Bad Reaction | Had it Coming

Bad Reaction-Had It Coming Reflections Records

Hailing from Los Angeles, raucous, snotty, straight-forward hardcore. Bad Reaction wear their influences on their sleeves, both stylistically and in content. “Had it Coming” is a 9 track compilation of their two 7 inches, “Plastic World” and “Dare to be Dull,” which one could say about sums up their ethos. Politically reminiscent of Minor Threat (minus the straight edge) and owing much to Reagan Youth and Bad Brain-style metal breakdowns, Bad Reaction won’t necessarily rip you a new one, but they may remind you why you liked that old HC in the first place. Stand out track “Plastic World” opens with the kind of beefy shredding guitar and tight instrumentation that makes you want to break a few bottles and
wake the fuck up. Also of note is “Wigger Please,” African American singer Kash’s searing indictment on those all too familiar kinds of white boys. The final track, a cover of the Bad Brain’s “Pay to Cum” highlights both the good and bad of Bad Reaction: a technically proficient and energetic
cover though lacking the character, swag, and urgency of the original. That being said, you’ll probably still find me at their next Oakland show.

-Rachel Danger


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