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Lubricated Magazine #2.5

Edited by V. Speckman

Lubricated Magazine is a publication based out of Santa Cruz featuring local music, art, and writing. The first two issues were great reads, so when I found out they were putting out a limited bonus issue I was more than eager to get my hands on it.

For the most part it celebrates the fourteen year anniversary of Suburban Home Records, and opens with a mission statement from the label’s founder Virgil Dickerson—an open, honest two-page declaration of his gratitude and appreciation towards everyone that’s made SHR possible and continue to thrive. It’s then followed by an all-too-real short story by Hard Girls/Classics of Love guitarist Mike Huguenor and a surprisingly humorous and insightful editorial on society’s melodramatic liberal sensibilities. The rest of the zine is rounded out by a few art and photo profiles of bands and friends of Suburban Home, and there’s even a must-see guide to some of the coolest spots in Denver (I’ll be sure to check out Sweet Action Ice Cream).

Even though this one was printed as a standard 8.5×5.5 inch zine rather than their usual newsprint format, it still manages to live up to the high standard of past issues. The real winning factor to this zine however would have to be the wholehearted honesty and dedication of the people behind Suburban Home Records. You can tell everyone involved is just trying to support each other and have fun doing it, and that message is displayed loud and clear. I was never really that familiar with the label, but the next time I’m at the record shop this might just nudge me in the direction of one of their albums.

-Sean Logic

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