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The Copyrights/The Brokedowns Split 7″

No Idea Records

The 7″ split is as tried and true a tradition in punk rock as the first money shot is for an up-and-coming porn star. It’s a rite of passage and initiation that maintains a legitimacy and relevancy. The funny thing though is that in both cases such a simple act can—and often does—go horribly awry. Parts not matching, unenthusiastic performances, and poor quality can leave everybody with something horrible on their hands (and I haven’t even started talking about the music yet). Fortunately the people over at No Idea are putting out stuff so on point, that even the people at Vivid or Girls Gone Wild would give it up to take a listen; this record is one of those reasons why.

What you’re dealing with is a raw, pure, relentless barrage on your audial senses. First you have The Copyrights coming out of the gate with two fast and fierce tracks about shitty jobs, shittier days, and getting busted on the DL. Then you flip this sucker over and you have The Brokedowns, a band from Illinois who just may have perfected that Gainesville sound this label is so fondly known for. Probably one of the best finds I’ve picked up in the last few months, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It even has a download code inside, so don’t even bother saying your turntable is out of commission.

-Alexander Zeddemore


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