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Art Murmur in Temescal

First Fridays of the month is the Oakland Art Murmur, and as a new resident I headed out to see what I could see just a few blocks from my apartment.

This time I kept it in Temescal, and cruised by 4707 Telegraph, Smokey’s Tangle next door, and the Royal Nonesuch. Next time I plan on extending my range by biking around; the galleries in the “Murmur” are spread throughout Oakland, in Temescal, West Oakland, and Uptown. The show at 4707 Telegraph was called Babylon.

I like this piece, by Shannon Shaw:

And this one, by Richie Bucher:

The show at the Royal Nonesuch Gallery was called Lending Library.

I really don’t want to be a hater, but didn’t I see something like this at 826 Valencia Pirate Store?

Visitors were invited to take one item from the drawers. This is what I picked.

Twins were a theme at the Lending Library.

I saw a 2-headed turtle in Venice Beach once.

I don’t know what is in these drawers.

–Justin Allen

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