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Nora Goddard

Sometimes you hear a die hard SF liberal complain how conservative and gentrified this City has become—and theirs is a justified sentiment. But one look at Roadkill, a Kansas City ‘zine, will make the greenest of the green deadlock swinging New College grads thank Noam Chomsky and all things holy that they live in San Francisco.

Folks, it is rough going for the freethinking KC hipster, but to Roadkill’s credit they’re making some noise rather than walking lock step with the red state status quo.

Vol. 2, is DIY to a ‘T’ in the B&W, photocopied, ink gnashed, and spine stapled style. As with any guidebook for the under the radar scenester, Roadkill features album reviews, ‘zine reviews, cartoons, short stories about across-the-plains flight from small town xenophobes, angsty poetry, and drawings as well as a snapshot of the ups and downs of trying to keep art and a free thinking culture alive in KC.

You want to join a Howard Zinn reading group? It’s in there. Want to read cartoons (complete with meth’ freaks rednecks) about life in a of tent city of Monsanto beet farmers? Have at it.  Anarchistic leanings? Bienvenidos, mis compas!

Being the voice—however small—for Midwestern misfits is an act of rebellion in the deepest sense. Try pulling of Critical Mass in redneck Amerika and you get shot at.  In San Francisco you get honked at.

The ugly truth in 22 ink-splattered pages. It ain’t Rimbaud, but it’s real for sure.

-Matthew Monte

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