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Teenage Bottlerocket | They Came From The Shadows

Fat Wreck Chords

Just when you thought that all the pop-punk bands worth their mid tempo mustard had gone the way of the dinosaur, Teenage Bottlerocket comes out blasting sing along choruses with more “Whoa oh oh’s” than The Ramones and Screeching Weasel combined.  With a sound somewhere between Randy and MTX, they take you back to a time when punk was simple, snotty and catchy.  The opening track, “Skate or Die” is probably the best song of the bunch and makes me want to pop in a VHS copy of The Search For Animal Chin.  Several of the songs are sung by Kody Templeman of Lillingtons fame; he injects some of the same Sci-Fi/horror movie magic that you’d come to expect from a guy with his track record.  Kody’s clean vocals are offset by Ray Carlisle’s more snotty vocal stylings on tracks like “Do What?” and “Call In Sick.” It’s a good mix and the two styles complement each other well.  Pop punk may be dead, but if it is then Teenage Bottlerocket is a zombie that will rock your face off and bang your girlfriend afterward.

-Wally Westside


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