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Cuddle Puddles & Hot Pants #4

Mo Karnage

This is a true DIY zine with ripe anarchist spirit! Mo Karnage (the woman who single-handedly put this zine together) tops the simple charm of black and white photo-copying with write-ins and her journal-esque style. The only problem with the homemade aspect of this zine is formatting – some pages don’t match up. Aside from the manual glitches, a proofreader would have been great. That said, this is a Richmond, Virginia-concerned zine – and it is great to hear about so many people in action!

Karnage covers anarchist/social justice activity in Richmond. Here are a few highlights: the really really free market, an awesome place for locals to bring and take reusable items (to keep them out of landfills!); anarchy against prison (supporting prisoners and stopping construction of immigrant detention centers); gay rights; Richmond food not bombs (offering healthy vegan meals); animal liberation; squatting for political reasons and much, much more. I particularly enjoyed Karnage’s safe-sex ad (it’s important, right?) and her views on polyamory and monogamy. She’s really got personality. You may not be a Richmond vegan anarchist but Cuddle Puddles is full of ideas, inspiration and hilarity.

-Vanessa Ta

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