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Mattpocalypse Vs. God: II

Matthew Lieberman

It was so cool and coincidental that Mattpocalypse should fall into my hands to review.  I had a chance to roll through Matt’s gallery at the TimeZone on Post Street a few months back and it was a really fun experience. Enormous comic panels lined all the walls and everyone was encouraged to add their own bit of color to the comics.  I had never seen this concept before and it was so interactive that it really gave everyone a reason to chill for awhile and have fun.

The comic itself is really good. The detailed panels have a classic comic style and feel that I personally think is very pleasing to the eye and easy to maneuver through.  The story reads like an overt and very violent manifestation of all of our inner struggles with concepts like religion.  Mattpocalypse and God are locked into a death struggle, eventually ending in a Big-Bang sized explosion.  Then just when all seems lost, we see it was all a dream.  On a side note, Matt mentions John Mayer a lot and I really want to know if there’s a back story to that or is it just because John Mayer is so lame?  I’ll go with the latter.

-Frank Summa

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