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The Dimatic Dou Club #4

Johnerick Lawson

I’m not gonna lie, this one scared me a bit. I’m not sure if it’s a good scared, or a bad scared, but there was fear involved. To be fair, this is some seriously creative art, and I found myself more interested in the minimalism of the artwork than the hidden mystic meaning in the characters design and social workings. From what I can gather, this zine/comic is a surrealist , alternate universe adventure, the main characters being the post-modern version of “Peanuts”. The Dimatic Dou Club is a mind-fuck at its greatest peek.

The strengths to this comic are set in two very solid ways: The art is high quality for being monochromatic, and Mr. Lawson has created a comic with no text or dialogue. These two strengths, together, help focus in on the art, and keep your eyes glued to the page, and in turn your brain.Although I’d be completely lying if I said that I sit around at home and read this kind of stuff all the time, even in its bizarre existence, I think I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with this comic. As strange as it sounds, I think this man could be brilliant at illustrating bedtime stories.

-Nikolaus Bartunek

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