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Young Livers | Of Misery And Toil

No Idea Records

Oh Gainesville, you just don’t want to leave me alone this year, do you? Here we have another band from the Florida music Mecca, but don’t let their location fool you. Young Livers have nothing of the poppy punk we’ve come to expect from that scene. Noisy and brooding, their music reminds me a lot of early Isis (you know, before they started doing what a friend of mine calls “ambient space metal”).

Progressive hardcore is an accurate summation of Young Livers’ sound. Citing bands like Big Business and Baroness as influences, my expectations for the album were high. The Livers delivered (get it? delivered?) on their share of prog, but unfortunately a lot of those elements got lost underneath the distortion. Though all members are clearly excellent musicians, the songs take a couple listens to pick up on the intricate instrumental work. It’s a shame that it isn’t showcased more.

Regardless, the awesome hopelessness of the lyrics paired with the gritty vocals and surprisingly complex ocean of distortion make Young Livers’ latest album well worth a listen (or two). Recommended for moments of greater fear and loathing.

-Kelly Dalbeck


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