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Pajomo #02


Every once in awhile I’ll get something in the mail and upon glimpsing through its first few pages it becomes readily apparent this is someone who loves zines. Not only that, but after a good reading it’s clear that this is also someone who loves making zines, and that kind of enthusiasm is what really shines in this quarter-sized pocket of fun.

The first half is primarily composed of show reviews at local venues in Northern Washington Sate. Unlike a lot of zines covering their regional music scene we’re given a look at a wide array of different bands, with genres covering everything from Cambodian psych-pop to crappy black metal and folk-ska bands. The author has a casual, laidback writing style that feels like you’re shooting the breeze with one of your best buds, and by the time he’s done you kind of wish you were there in-person, if for nothing else than the epic drinking stories you’d have to share.

In the second half of the zine we follow along to Seattle’s hostel scene and check out the local vegan eateries. There’s also great piece about the fundamentals of the postal-driven “mailart” platform happening all around country, breaking down how it works and how to get involved. To top it off we’re given what I believe to be the first ever “Jail Review,” which is exactly what it sounds like—a rate-and-grade of one contributor’s forty-eight hour stint in Perry County lockup, complete with an overview of the evening’s dinner menu (it was hotdogs and mac n’ cheese, just in case you’re ever headed there yourself).

As if all of the above isn’t incentive enough to pick this up, the art and design from cover to cover flies off the page, filled with illuminating collages and a gritty eye for detail that would make any Xerox jockey salivate. When all is said and done I’m sure it took more than a few toner cartridges to put this little guy together, but sometimes the power of a pair of scissors and a gluestick is all you need.

-Sean Logic

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