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Tanlines | Settings

True Panther Records

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride an elevator all the way to Africa? Look no further than this CD. It’s less than an hour’s worth of tracks, but you’ll swear entire election cycles have come and gone in the span of a single listen.

The music of Africa is richly infused with virtuosity and tradition—it’s where Soul music gets its soul. Sadly, Tan Lines, a supposed “African” effort, is a bunch of drum loops and synthesizers that harkens to a 1980’s, post-disco hangover. Remember the first time you walked into a department store and heard the Muzak version of Smells Like Teen Spirit? Felt pretty awful, huh?

If you like Muzak, great, I’ve got a real gem for you. Play it at the mall, play it in the elevator. Just don’t play it around me.

-Matthew Monte


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