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ManDuh Land #1: Boobs

Manda Brezicky

Manda’s first zine is, in her words, “a monument to that which I hate.” What she happens to hate so much are her breasts, the size of which have given her no end of problems since puberty turned on the growth switch. How big, you ask? She perfectly fills out a G cup (and has the pictures to prove it). For all you boys reading this with your jaws on the floor, this is not something women consider a blessing; imagine the stress on your back having to lug those puppies around 24 hours a day. If you can’t imagine, Manda spares no detail explaining how her cup size has negatively affected her life.

Unfortunately, the content of ManDuh Land came across less informative and more like a poorly organized rant. Also—and maybe this is what bothered me the most about it—she has an extremely negative image of herself that she feels would somehow miraculously be fixed if she were to have a breast reduction. I am admittedly very opinionated about the way American society pressures women, and it’s really heartbreaking to me that she believes a physical alteration will solve all of her problems (the back pain, of course, but there are clearly more mental wounds there that a knife isn’t going to take care of). Her message would have been much clearer if she employed more of an objective viewpoint. Self-publishing is an awesome tool, but in this case I feel like it was a bit of an over-share.

-Kelly Dalbeck

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