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I’ll Think Of You When Pop Songs Come On The Radio

By Carissa Potter

If you can get past the title, the grammatical errors (Miss Potter has been wronged by schooling AND spell check) and nearly 100 astonishingly disorganized pages, Carissa Potter’s first writing effort should satisfy you.

Let me explain: Miss Potter is a frustrated pro-choice Christian-raised graduate student with a misconceived Impostor Complex. She lies to her therapist, plots the death of her sister, and fucks in front of the neighbors on whom she spies.  This is the stuff of fantastic writing, but Potter’s “collection of short stories” (it’s really an autobiography) is not.

I’ll Think Of You… is littered with malapropisms, misnomers and jarring non-sequiturs that are structurally confusing.  She experiments with footnotes -although I’m not entirely certain she understands their function- and makes bizarre references to ‘shoe elfs’ [SIC].  Most egregious is her juvenile effort (initially I thought she was a teenager) to recount self-discovery in a ‘writerly’ fashion when she should really just focus on writing what she thinks.

There are exceptions. “Band-Aid”, a more honest effort, has some truly touching moments. And despite instances of serious self-sabotage -“Not to be stereotypical, but he looked like a middle-eastern plane-bomber…[He] blanketed my nights in soft romanticizes [SIC] about falling for someone you knew nothing about”- there are others that couldn’t be more hilariously accurate.  She also shows more than a bit of gumption with the inclusion of her rejection letters, a decision that nearly saves her from the sanctimony that plagues the zine’s first 80 or so pages.

I’ll Think Of You… can be appreciated only as a case study:  We can learn from Carissa not through her literary ‘insights’, but by instead studying the actions that she admits to so readily.  Given the context, we can surely learn a thing or two from her confusion

-Lindsey Piscitell

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