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Thralls | Nemesis

Anytime a band hands you an audio cassette tape version of their album, you know they mean business. Shoegaze/ Psychedelic Rock band Thralls is a blend of early, early Radiohead and a sun crashing into a black hole. To put this band on the map for you, it is clear they have no inclination to pop stardom, and, I’m guessing here, probably want only for pure artistic success. *trumpet blair* You have achieved just this Thralls!

From the dreamy and rhythmic “News”, to the strange world of Fuzzy Ambience that is the song “Playtime”, it is clear this band has sonic and tonal capabilities. Although this was in some ways squashed by the lo-fi recording quality, which I felt was a downfall for the recordings. I’m a sucker for special and limited edition pressings, and so I was immediately enchanted with this Audio Cassette pressing, of only 61 copies (A strangely odd number if you ask me). So whats the low down from yours truly? To be fair, Thralls is an outfit of musicians who knows exactly what they want, but I personally was not (get ready for the pun) enThralled with them. What can I say? Sometimes you like your music muddy and dissonant, and sometimes you like it clear and melodic. I guess I’m just all for the latter.

-Nikolaus Bartunek


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