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Darlene Rock-N-Roll Fanzine #4

By Randy Spaghetti

Darlene #4 was apparently five years in the making. Yeah, that much time passed since #3 and I don’t fully understand why because this was SO FREAKING AWESOME. Zines like this one are what first launched my teenage punk-ass into DIY print culture; people professing their love for music and being kind enough to share it with all the other nerds out there in the world.

This guy is clearly obsessed with Rock-N-Roll. Like, OCD status. He also has an enviously extensive knowledge of the genre. His nerdiness regarding the subject and friendly, non-pretentious voice made for a great intro essay about aging rockers, Napalm Death, and the appropriate uses of the prefix “post” and how it relates (or doesn’t) to new music. His writing is the highlight, but he followed it up with some fun interviews: Zeke and Javelina to give an example, and even a brief chat with Andrew WK (huh?).

This was too much fun to read, and as I said before, little gems like this remind me why I love zines so much. So, Mr. Spaghetti, please figure out how to manage your personal life in order to produce Darlene in a more timely manner. I’ll be waiting by the mailbox.

-Kelly Dalbeck

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