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Asspiss | Fuck Off and Die

Suburban White Trash Records

Honestly, with a name like AssPiss, is it too much to expect some legitimate griminess when it comes to the music? Instead, the songs on this 7” makes me think of what elevator music would sound like if we lived in some alternate universe where punk rock was the status quo of larger society.

Which isn’t to say that the band is awful; just merely forgettable. Of the four tracks on this album, expectedly rapid, but at times seeming like they’re in a hurry to get themselves over with, only the first, “Rubber Bullets”, is at all memorable. That’s because it has just enough of a Murder City Devil’s quality to it that one finds themselves at least interested to know what follows.

What they find, however, is run-oof-the-mill thrashcore, where quickly sputtered, cliched mantras—the title track, as well as the chorous of song #4 “Already Dead”—are tossed off to the listener, who stands in, seemingly, for both unamed but targeted individuals of the band’s disesteem, and society as a whole.

But the anger is too wide, the fatalism too stock, and the music too rushed and bland (the anthemic qualities of the songs are quickly dropped, giving way to uninspired guitar solos), to have much of an effect. I imagine that this is a band that might be fun to see live, but as recordings go, it seems like they spent more time on the packaging than they did the actual recording.

—Zach Vasquez


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