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Wolves, Where? | The Camel The Lion The Child

I threw this album on when I woke up this morning, still a little dazed from the beer and champagne of the previous night…really not the best time to try and listen critically to any kind of music. That being said, it’s a credit to the band that I actually really enjoyed it. Hailing from Louisiana, Wolves, Where? are like some weird hybrid between The Darkness (remember those guys?) and any prog rock band with a higher pitched Danzig on vocals. That’s not going to make sense to anyone except me, but fuck it.

Wolves describe their sound as good, authentic rock and roll. I partially agree, I guess. Those basic characteristics bring to mind a band like the Stooges; loud, gritty, no frills, and still fucking mind blowing; no tricks, just “raw power” (yeah, I totally just said that). Now, Wolves are good. Very good, in fact. But here is where I disagree with their description of themselves. They have tricks, and this is not a bad thing. I repeat: their fancy musicianship aka musical talent makes them extremely fun to listen to. BUT…it’s not just your good old basic rock and roll.

A friend and I were conversing the other day about how it’s awesome when you are listening to a song that sound-wise could be few separate tracks. That’s definitely our generation’s complete lack of attention span coming out. Wolves execute this perfectly, switching tempo and melody throughout their songs and leaving you no room for boredom.

To try and sum up Wolves, Where? in some comprehensible way, I leave you with a quote from the band: “Head exploding tunes that make you want to take off your pants as you dance like you’ve never done so before.” If I had pants on when I was listening I totally would have gone for it.

-Kelly Dalbeck


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