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Crash Course

By Melaina

When I first opened Crash Course, I wasn’t expecting anything revealing. Maybe just a fun, lighthearted story with bright popping colors. What I essentially got was still something lighthearted but something more as the narrative hooked me instantly. The author, Melaina, was very personal and relatable for the gamer generation and the typical “San Franciscan” when it comes to driving. I could see the first page as a good long-form joke, but what I loved the most is that the story got more relatable as a lesson for drivers.

Was this morality disguised as fun? Yes, and I love it. The black and white 16-page zine provided the pros and cons of driving (short length destinations compared to nauseating traffic), statistics (one person dies in a car accident every 13 minutes), and the degrees of aggressive driving (the definition includes not turning signals, extreme tailgating, the finger, and flashing high beams). This was like school but trained by the students!

To top off the story, the author provides an epilogue of excuses. I was not expecting anything revelatory, but I got exactly that with an added sense of morbid caution. They are frightening to think of because everyone has those same exact thoughts. It can happen to anyone who has a car or just an innocent pedestrian.

The author’s narrative never slows down, stops or bore. It is always interesting and very informative while still keeping the energetic fun. Thank you, Melaina. I will be a more cautious driver cause you scared the shit out of me.

-Chris Huqueriza



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