About Ashcan

Ashcan Magazine was created as a collaborative platform for creative artists to exist outside the conventional means of the art world. We like to focus our attention on things the mainstream (and some allegedly “alternative”) press just seems to overlook, both in our home of San Francisco and beyond. We cover everything from music, to art, to literature, to everything in between, because sometimes you can find the most interesting things in the most unlikely places. Our goal is to help spread awareness of underground and independent art everywhere, in hopes of opening the public’s eyes of the burgeoning art scene all around us.

In an effort to best communicate and showcase the talents of those we are featuring, Ashcan operates as both a print and web publication. Our print editions are published a twice a year and can be found in a number of locations in San Francisco and the Bay Area (for more info on distribution, click here). Our website serves as a digital companion and is updated multiple times a week, allowing us to cover time sensitive events, web-based content, or just expand on things we couldn’t quite fit into the print editions. Some features will be exclusively for print, some exclusively for the site, and some will cross over to both.

There’s a few different ways to get ahold of us:








www. myspace.com/ashcanmagazine

…and Snail Mail:

Ashcan Magazine
660 4th St. #420
San Francisco, CA 94107


Ashcan is 100% voluntarily run. The whole point of this project is to promote the art of those deserving of wider recognition; we’re trying to spread the word, not make money.