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5 Creators At APE You May Have Missed

You were bound to have missed some cool stuff at this year’s Alternative Press Expo, but fear not, here’s a list of some of the raddest creators that may have flown under your radar.

Artist Profile: Emily Ibarra

“Photography is like any art. There are many paths to take, but there is no formula, or ‘right’ way to do it.”

For My Fronds on the Phasebook

If you’re wondering what exactly is going on that’s okay—it’s all part of the experience.

Creation(-ism) @ Zughaus

Berkeley’s Zughaus Gallery houses dinosaurs and unicorns and art-loving humans. Its latest show, Creation(-ism), was sensor-ific.

Rob Sato @ GRSF

A dreamworld filled with morbid creatures acting out their wildest fantasies.

Artist Profile: S.A. Richard

Los Angeles-based artist S.A. Richard is inspired by skateboarding, pop art, rock and roll, Dutch madmen painters, and the mythic and dark history of California’s settlers, oilers, and dreamers.

All The Best @ Mission Comics & Art

A local artist and comic shop team up to bring two art mediums together.

Art Murmur in Temescal

First Fridays of the month is the Oakland Art Murmur, and as a new resident I headed out to see what I could see in Temescal.

Santos y Otros

Developmentally disabled artists flourish as the supernatural comes alive

Artist Profile: Andy Warner

Group witheyes

Where curiousity meets the cartoon.

Sara Thustra @ Needles & Pens


“It’s a statement of a large art that should be out in the world…”

Jungle Fever @ Peanut Gallery


“Street life of the animal realm.”

Tabi Tabi Po @ 1AM Gallery


An art benefit for typhoon victims lets monsters run amok–but with an urban twist.

Artist Profile: Michael Frank

expose the nerve

I often make art on odd, discarded, or junk surfaces. I like to re-use.

Artist Profile: Roland Topor

image from Topor e moi

“imagine an ancient typewriter in which all the keys have disappeared, save for three tiny letters: f, i, n.”

Artist Profile: Chance


Art by Chance Nova

SF Street Art


Shots of some of San Francisco’s finest street art, the ultimate in guerrilla showcasing.