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Crash Course

Hit the road and head for cover.

Al Burian Goes To Hell

Its not every day you read a comic with the phrase “F**k you Virgil! I read your book and it sucks.”

Nine Gallons #2

Food politics, urban blight, and the new trendy eco pseudo-revolution in San Francisco are the main highlights in this mini comic.

BFF: Brainfag Forever

Don’t ask me what’s up with the title, I still haven’t figured it out…

Darlene Rock-N-Roll Fanzine #4

A spunky lil’ zine with enough party hardy attitude to last a week full of all-nighters.

Welcome To Bend

There’s a lot more to Oregon than just Portland.

As I Would Say

It’s like an acid trip you can read.

I’ll Think Of You When Pop Songs Come On The Radio

Miss Potter is a frustrated pro-choice Christian-raised graduate student with a misconceived Impostor Complex.

Ashcan Magazine Issue #3

Just in time summer, Ashcan Magazine’s latest print edition has hit stands!

ManDuh Land #1: Boobs

The down side to massive mammaries.

Pajomo #02

The art and design from cover to cover flies off the page, filled with illuminating collages and a gritty eye for detail that would make any Xerox jockey salivate.

Welcome To The Dahl House

Cut the top of your head off, and insert vibrating dildos. Yes…this comic has it all.

Failing Students #1

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s…secret code?! One instructor looks to take on the NY school system in this eye-opening zine.

Hello Alabama: A One-Shot Disaster

Sweet home Alabama my ass (or Courtney Barbour’s, if you want to get all technical).

I Am A Silly Bitch

The title says it all.

The Dimatic Dou Club #4

A comic where your internal organs are also supporting cast members. Need I say more?

Mattpocalypse Vs. God: II

An existential battle of epic proportions.

Cuddle Puddles & Hot Pants #4

Virginia ain’t exactly anarchist central, but at least one zinester’s trying to keep it strong.

Confessions Of A Teenage Jesus Jerk

Come hell or high water author Tony DuShane sheds some new light on being raised Jehovah’s Witness.

Manilapede Fanzine #1

What happens when you live in Humboldt county, like to play rock music, and also enjoy the presence of creepy crawlers? You get Manilapede!


A snapshot of the ups and downs of trying to keep art and a free thinking alive in Kansas City.

The Perfect Mix Tape, Segue #3: Fixing the Plumbing


Bike seats aren’t the only thing getting adjusted in this latest installment of the Perfect Mix Tape series.