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Lubricated Magazine #2.5

You can tell everyone involved is just trying to support each other and have fun doing it, and that message is displayed loud and clear.

Hoo Koo Ee Koo


A self-published collection of random brain fragments that’ve leaked onto paper.

Zombre #1: Zombre Vs. Slappy Megathunder Showdown


Making friends with the undead all in one mini-comic.

Levil Uniform #12: Motorbreath


Hessians and rippers rejoice, your favorite skate zine has a new issue.

Goteblud; SF’s Premier Zine Archive


“It’s my thrill to find that weird, obscure little title.”

Bad Date Zine; Tales of Woe Issue No. 2


Awkward hook-ups, creepy blind dates, and STDs are only a few things you’ll find in this collection.

Fill With Image


Up-and-coming art zine that could benefit from being a bit fuller.

The Young Adult’s Pocket Guide to Ritual Sacrifice


Whether your sacrificial inclinations are human or animal, this easy-to-follow guide will have you trolling the neighborhood for victims in no time.

Underground Exposed: A Zine Retrospective


A look at zines, mini-comics, and alternative press in the city that revolutionized the scene.

Crawling Towards Literature


Like one of those music festivals with eight different stages, Litcrawl is one of those events where you’re guaranteed to miss something.

5 More Minutes


A fun zine all about catchy some z’s.

Gimme Something Better Book Launch


Some of the Bay Area’s most infamous punks spill their guts with tales of chaos, destruction, and debauchery.

Attempted Not Known #9


A genuinely original project, for a few bucks it’s a hell of a lot better for you than a pack of smokes.

Book Release: Imperial, by W.T. Vollmann


Vollmann read an excerpt from the book detailing a dangerous rafting trip down a toxic river on the border, one which migrants have used for crossings and one which many have died in.

Business Casual


The main character goes from being a tired office worker to a sasquatch-esque forest dweller; a bald businessman to a hairy woodsman.

Beauty Across America

Beauty Across America

Imagine hitting up a Texas BBQ joint to query patrons about the meaning of beauty over ribs and collards. How about rapping with lingerie retailers in Missouri about orgasms and Darwin?

The Urban Hermitt, Issue 22

Urban Hermit #22

The issue opens with the delights of KRS-One weaved into a contemplation of Jesus, not prepping us for the hilarious trendiness (i.e. hipster Christians, fish ale bumper stickers, etc.) in the stories that follow.

Tortilla, Issue 1


“Every now and again you run across a person that could have been pulled directly from an old Tom Waits song.”

Your Disease Spread Quick

Your Disease Spread Quick

Neely’s comically macabre illustrations are amazing and the sporadic bubbles of Melvins lyrics are thrown in just the right places.

Dent #9


Everybody is awkward at sixteen, and nobody else is more capable of putting that on the page than Cotsirilos.

Papercutter #8

Papercutter #8

Three quirky pieces dealing with major or minor struggles and outcomes that lead me to believe that nothing matters but the fact that you can look back and laugh at the hilarious journeys taken to otherwise non-notable destinations.

Levil Uniform #9: The Frozen Dirt

Levil Uniform #9

This skate/lifestyle zine is dedicated to shredders and hessians everywhere.