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A B & The Sea

Retro pop-rock marauders A B & The Sea are a fresh continuation in that long legacy of creatives minds called to the Golden State.


An intricate unison of folksy melody and warmth.

The Secretions

“We rented a Ford 15-passenger van with a much higher rollover risk to make the tour more exciting.”

The Tunnel

In The Tunnel’s latest album, Carver Brothers Lullaby, rural Californian lore is the impetus for songs that nod to the Gothic as well as sheer loudness.

David Knight

Think electro-acoustic meets whimsical (+ satisfying lyrics) resulting in a fizzy bottle of all our most potent emotions.

Please Do Not Fight

A mesh of curious and stimulating sounds that have an unusual motive.



“This city really lets you do your long as you’re not hurting anyone, you can be as weird as you want.”

Kepi Ghoulie


There’s nobody quite like Kepi Ghoulie.

Andrew Jackson Jihad


“I think folk music kind of earning a place in punk rock is really cool cause folk music was around before punk rock and pretty much served the same purpose for youth culture.”

Make Me

“We had just finished our third song at the Knockout when our drummer, Jesse, jumped out of the drum seat and ran out the front door. So we asked the crowd if there were any drummers.”