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“This city really lets you do your long as you’re not hurting anyone, you can be as weird as you want.”

Evangelicals | The Evening Descends


These are not songs about depression, they’re songs about madness.

Ariel Pink | House Arrest


Ariel Pink is bedroom music: the kind of bedroom that parents are afraid to enter.

The Have Mercys | Great!


The album was definitely unique, especially considering it was distributed on a green cassette.

Big Rock Candy Mountain | Hey Kid


This New Orleans powerhouse makes their LP debut one hard-hitting album.

Casy & Brian – No Fiction 7”


Imagine giving two Ritalin-infused kids carte blanche on a Casio keyboard, drum kit, and a couple of microphones.

Punk Blog Bonanza

computer hacker copy

These digital communities aren’t here to replace the traditional means of spreading music, but rather to act as supplements to it.

Kepi Ghoulie


There’s nobody quite like Kepi Ghoulie.

Larkin Grimm | Parplar


Her voice is by turns hypnotic, soothing, grating, and eerie. Swirling atmospheres of mandolin, dulcimer, guitars and layered vocals create, as with other recent releases on Young God, deeply post-industrial acoustic moods.

Bad Reaction | Had it Coming

Bad Reaction-Had It Coming

Stand out track “Plastic World” opens with the kind of beefy shredding guitar and tight instrumentation that makes you want to break a few bottles and wake the fuck up.

All My Pretty Ones | Tone Poems

All My Pretty Ones - Tone Poems

The album feels intimate yet orchestral, offering a variety of sounds[...]a pleasant weaving of vocals and harmonies.

Andrew Jackson Jihad


“I think folk music kind of earning a place in punk rock is really cool cause folk music was around before punk rock and pretty much served the same purpose for youth culture.”

Del The Funky Homosapien | Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)

Del - The Funk Man

In a burgeoning hip-hop scene where overproduction and a lack of true dynamic have become prevalent, there are still dudes like Del who can pull it together.

Make Me

“We had just finished our third song at the Knockout when our drummer, Jesse, jumped out of the drum seat and ran out the front door. So we asked the crowd if there were any drummers.”

Window Twins | I’m This Tall City

The music has a distinctly cinematic quality, like a noir soundtrack that drifts between lonely existentialism and low-grade mania.

Girls | Album

Girls - Album

When I die I imagine it sounding like this in the background, a joyous pop music filled with a somber melody that’s just as much sunshine as it is piss and vinegar.