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Bad Reaction | Had it Coming

Bad Reaction-Had It Coming

Stand out track “Plastic World” opens with the kind of beefy shredding guitar and tight instrumentation that makes you want to break a few bottles and wake the fuck up.

All My Pretty Ones | Tone Poems

All My Pretty Ones - Tone Poems

The album feels intimate yet orchestral, offering a variety of sounds[...]a pleasant weaving of vocals and harmonies.

Del The Funky Homosapien | Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)

Del - The Funk Man

In a burgeoning hip-hop scene where overproduction and a lack of true dynamic have become prevalent, there are still dudes like Del who can pull it together.

Window Twins | I’m This Tall City

The music has a distinctly cinematic quality, like a noir soundtrack that drifts between lonely existentialism and low-grade mania.

Girls | Album

Girls - Album

When I die I imagine it sounding like this in the background, a joyous pop music filled with a somber melody that’s just as much sunshine as it is piss and vinegar.