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ManDuh Land #1: Boobs

The down side to massive mammaries.

Tanlines | Settings

The layers of synth-beats and drum loops were better left in the congo.

Pajomo #02

The art and design from cover to cover flies off the page, filled with illuminating collages and a gritty eye for detail that would make any Xerox jockey salivate.

Young Livers | Of Misery And Toil

Gainesville punks deliver some decent, ear-splitting hardcore.

Welcome To The Dahl House

Cut the top of your head off, and insert vibrating dildos. Yes…this comic has it all.

Let’s Make A Porn

A sex starlet helps others release their inner adult fantasies and capture them on film.

Sentinel | Four Days Deep

Four Days Deep has all the trappings of Sentinel’s large, airy sound –an impressive feat for a band with only three members.

Failing Students #1

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s…secret code?! One instructor looks to take on the NY school system in this eye-opening zine.

Hello Alabama: A One-Shot Disaster

Sweet home Alabama my ass (or Courtney Barbour’s, if you want to get all technical).

For My Fronds on the Phasebook

If you’re wondering what exactly is going on that’s okay—it’s all part of the experience.

The Skygreen Leopards | Gorgeous Johnny

Whispery pop-psychedelia and jingle-jangle Norcal folk are heavy in the mix.

Wondercon 2010

We geeks shall inherit the earth.

I Am A Silly Bitch

The title says it all.

Creation(-ism) @ Zughaus

Berkeley’s Zughaus Gallery houses dinosaurs and unicorns and art-loving humans. Its latest show, Creation(-ism), was sensor-ific.

The Dimatic Dou Club #4

A comic where your internal organs are also supporting cast members. Need I say more?

Dave Ford | Home

Ford’s disarming voice and infectious guitar hooks propel lyrics that unflinchingly explore the depths of mental illness and loss.

Rob Sato @ GRSF

A dreamworld filled with morbid creatures acting out their wildest fantasies.

The Tunnel

In The Tunnel’s latest album, Carver Brothers Lullaby, rural Californian lore is the impetus for songs that nod to the Gothic as well as sheer loudness.

Mattpocalypse Vs. God: II

An existential battle of epic proportions.

Artist Profile: S.A. Richard

Los Angeles-based artist S.A. Richard is inspired by skateboarding, pop art, rock and roll, Dutch madmen painters, and the mythic and dark history of California’s settlers, oilers, and dreamers.

Cuddle Puddles & Hot Pants #4

Virginia ain’t exactly anarchist central, but at least one zinester’s trying to keep it strong.

Confessions Of A Teenage Jesus Jerk

Come hell or high water author Tony DuShane sheds some new light on being raised Jehovah’s Witness.