Print Issues

There are some people out there who say print media is dead. Those people can suck it.

Here at Ashcan we believe that while digital venues are the inevitable way of the future, print media should be recognized as an equally important part of the equation. There’s just a certain gravitas to having something you can hold, something you can touch and feel. Pressing a button just isn’t the same as turning a page, and as the old adage goes, “If it’s important enough to print, it’s important enough to read.”

These factors and more were the impetus behind our annual print editions.

In these print issues you’ll find a some of our favorite pieces we’ve published on the website, but in addition you’ll also find things exclusive to the issue itself. Exclusive pictures, short stories, features, artwork, comics—all of it and more you can’t find anywhere else!

If you live in SF and the greater Bay Area, picking up a copy is simple. We’re located at a number of locations throughout the Bay—over 100 distribution points in San Francisco alone—and best of all it’s FREE! For those readers out there that don’t live around town, you can still order a copy online by contacting

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